Pacing The Lizard

So, I live in Palm Springs, CA and so does a little tiny gecko lizard that has made its home underneath my stairs. We’ve come to an understanding, this little one and I… I make it a point to get out of my virtual world and home office into the physical world at least once daily. When I do, he walks me to my car and back to my door again every day. Lately, I’ve noticed how he does it… he darts in front of me, then slows down for me to catch up, then he goes again but not necessarily in the same direction that he was when he stopped… so he’s zigzagging all over the path, and he’s stopping and starting, but we end up at the same place in the end.

My contemplation of that has taken me in all kinds of different directions… for example, which of us is more efficient – me with my steady, forward direction or him, who bursts forward and checks out the tangents? Does he pull me forward or do I push him to move faster? Is he feeling the vibration of my steps and is he trying to get out of my way, or is he staying just enough ahead to keep feeling them?

Naturally, because of the way I am wired, my next thought was how to apply this to business and helping my clients… are they surrounded by people who are pulling them forward or pushing them to go faster? Is going forward in all directions a good strategy? Are they taking time to rest in between bursts of activity so they can rejuvenate? Is one of the secrets of our working success that they move faster because of our work together, feeling the vibration of our synergy as a focal point? (I like to think so…)

At any rate, my “pet” gecko has given me the gift of slowing down enough to ponder energy from a different perspective. I highly recommend you take a moment to consider the energy of your environment… it will get you into your body and connected with nature… not to mention formalizing your friendship with the wild ones where you live.