Business Planning. Blue Ocean Strategy Development. Competition Research. Strategic Positioning. Business Process Efficiency. Total Reorganization. Financial Analysis. A lot of this boils down to, "How to be better than your competition." Businesses grow when they can communicate proof of this to their target market.

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Branding. SEM. Content Management. SEO. Website Design. CSS. Social Media. PPC. Copywriting. Video Production. Graphic Design. Email Campaigns. I've just about done it all. I love how marketing combines art and analytics to make my business strategies work.

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Frank DeLuccia and I founded IvyWest Financial, a firm focusing on Wealth Management. My focus was on client education and marketing. Since Frank passed away my other partner Steve Carter has transitioned into focusing on helping Teachers with their retirement issues.

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Teach & Retire is a special volunteer project I founded that helps hundreds of school employees each year. Many have their life savings in risky, high fee retirement vehicles. We provide education and one-to-one assistance with many financial issues to thank them for what they do for our children.


Today, business strategy, digital marketing, and mobile and web application development go hand in hand. If one is missing, the other 2 can fail. Iowa City is home to one of the best, most cost effective software and mobile app development companies in the country. I can put you in touch with them. Startups welcome.