The Universe Dreams Through You

You are here for a unique, distinct reason – it is your calling, your purpose and it is something that ONLY you can do. No one else has the make-up of your gifts, talents, experiences, skills and world view – only you. No one else can make your contribution for you. Your greatness waits for you to claim it, because you are the only one with the secret combination to unlock and actualize your potential.

There are reasons for this, and while they may not make sense to you as you fumble around in life trying to figure it out, there is a universal rhythm to discovering, understanding and manifesting your life purpose. The simplest reason is this: the universe dreams through you.

Through our connection with universal source energy, and as a physical representation of it on this plane, it is up to us to live out the dreams of the universe. It is truly a miracle that the universe can contain a piece of itself in each of us – that includes you. By doing so, the universe is “seeding” itself to have exponential experiences to gain more for its / our collective consciousness.

Think about it this way… as you sleep, you often dream, right? As you dream, you find yourself in interesting places, having journeys and adventures and meeting new people. Sometimes you find that those things actually play out in your life. The universe is the same way – we had to get this from somewhere, right?

The universe dreams about interesting adventures, journeys and connections… it explores the very edge of what we consider the cosmos while actually containing all of the cosmos. It sets up the creational conditions for limitless possibilities. But the universe needs physical matter to carry out its dreams… through you, the universe lives.

By seeking your higher purpose, you are seeking to reconnect with source energy. By understanding your calling, you are taking responsibility for your part in life’s universal rhythm. By expressing your life purpose, you are validating the dreams of the universe and fulfilling your agreement for being here.

It really is up to you to make the most of everything you’ve got right here, right now. If you don’t yet see what you’re supposed to be doing, look for your signs – messages from the universe. If you don’t know how to translate those messages, work with a mentor to help you, just like you would if you needed to learn a new language.

One more thing: even though you living out your highest purpose is significant, meaningful and makes a difference, it doesn’t have to be “big”. There is only one Mother Theresa, only one Bill Gates… you are here to be YOU. Maybe you will be the next household name… and maybe your name will make the biggest difference in your own household.

Whatever it is, you’re the living manifestation of the universe’s dream… with that kind of power behind / in you, you CAN do what you’re here to do. So live your calling, your purpose, your dreams… starting right now.