Know What You Know

In my work with entrepreneurs who are creating a business as a means of expressing their life purpose as well as to generate a living, oftentimes it becomes evident that people aren’t listening to what they already know.

One young woman feels the pull of creating cards and calendars and customized art for people to feel good about their world – but is too focused on her job as a teacher to see that the potential of aligning with her art as a business will yield far more returns than her teaching job. She “knows” it but she’s not owning that.

A man who is a business partner wants to teach the world a new approach to living a better quality of life – it’s where he finds his joy and it’s effortless for him AND he already has students! – but he continues to turn down his light because he’s in this partnership that generates revenue. He ‘knows’ but he’s choosing to slow down his right path because of the pull of the physical world.

A consulting firm owner who is doing everything right, from motivating her staff to asking for referrals to generating proposals, but isn’t excited about it because her calling is to start a new movement about innovative leadership and help cultivate emerging leaders vs. solving the need in established agencies with daily operational issues. She “knows” but she has trepidations about jumping from her boring but reliable bread and butter to something new, unknown and as-yet-unproven.

And yet, with each of them, they are getting their “signs” of knowingness… if they listen to their messages and act accordingly, they would make progress a lot faster because things would be smoother and would occur without resistance. Somehow, each of them perceives that it is a big change and will take a lot to make it, and yet, I would argue that the big energy is really in holding themselves back from what they know to be true for them in their heart of hearts.

My question for you: what do you know and what can you do right now to take action on it?