Walking, Leaping and Michael Jordan

You might have seen on my Facebook page a few weeks ago that I had a serious injury on my way to Orlando to speak at the SuccessNet.org conference. That was the culminating tipping point that followed a huge push of energy to continue running my business as usual, but then also to move my home, attend two other conferences (CA and AZ) while focusing on my physical wellness as a priority in a new way. And my body said ‘stop’ – literally.

I knew it the minute it happened – my back twisted the wrong way with loading my luggage in the car. By the time I got to Orlando seven hours later, I needed a wheelchair assist to make my way to the hotel.

That night, I couldn’t sit, stand, stretch, lay down, walk or sleep. It was one of the longest nights I’ve ever had, with about two hours of sleep – and not the one I like to have before getting in front of a lot of people to teach innovative concepts in business. I was really afraid that I wouldn’t recover since the pain was so intense with even the slightest movement.

Thanks to my amazing physician, and the help of everyone at the conference (both physically and energetically), I was able to not only make it through my presentation but had a great time doing it.

My greatest joy in that moment was when I saw entrepreneurs giving each other meaningful intuitive messages about business to each other as a result of the techniques I had just taught… for some, it was life-changing to both receive their messages and to be able to give them to their partner. It was amazing to see energy in action to help them know how to create success with a fresh perspective.

Originally, my intention had been to stay in Florida for nearly a week, but I quickly realized that was not in the best interest of my health. I cut my visit short to the earliest possible flight and returned home within 72 hours.

It was a harrowing trip; however, the strangers I met along the way became my reminders of the divine light in people. They didn’t know what I was up against… only that I was clearly in pain and physically compromised, and so, they lifted my luggage, got me through security and scooped me up in a wheelchair when I was too exhausted to do anything but lean against an airport wall.

Although I rarely share my personal difficulties with you, I am compelled to share this with you for two reasons.

Before I get to them, you should know that within 48 hours of being home, I was able to walk and work at about 80% normal. Within the first ten days after my injury, people couldn’t tell that there was any problem with my back. And within two weeks, I was doing full workouts in the gym again. It has been a fast and amazing recovery for which I’m deeply grateful.

So, here are the two reasons that I share my story with you now:

1. I believe that I quantum-leaped my healing process. There are energy tools and resources that are available to us any time we want to use them to create dramatic results quickly when we know what they are and what to do with them. And I will be teaching these proven tools, and personally guiding a small group of people to successfully use them, during my new Create Your Quantum Leap program starting January 10.

I am deeply committed, and it is my life purpose, to teach the ways of inner illumination, connection to what matters and how to access the power of clarity. It is something that pulls me forward every day – it’s something that chooses me to be its ambassador and I am its servant.

It’s my honor to help people connect the dots to their success, both inner and outer, through using the gifts of spirit. The form of how I am doing it is evolving, so this may be the last time I teach the program. To be honest, I’m not yet sure what will come after this program and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people ask after the fact whether I’m going to repeat a program (most of the time, I don’t as I am on to the next thing); so, if you’re interested, now is the time to participate.

2. I just watched a Michael Jordan video. In it, he apologizes for making it look easy. He reminds you of his failures, his pain, and his commitment to daily habits to forge his legend that we see today.

And it occurred to me that people have said to me many times (especially recently) that they wish their life could be like mine, that they could do what I do, and that their life be as easy as mine. It isn’t easy for me to hear that because they know not what they ask.

I’m here to tell you that it’s not what happens to me, but how I handle it that matters because it’s as easy as I make it. I can fight what ‘is’ and resist what’s happening or I can learn from it and flow through it as simply as possible. It’s my choice. And the same goes for you.

After doing what I do for nearly 14 years now, being an innovator and a pioneer on the lonely leading-edge of energy work, conscious business and teaching people how to shine their light brighter, I need to tell you that it isn’t always easy. It might look that way but it’s because you are seeing the end of the story, the outcome of the way I choose to face it (vs. the occurrence or the gory details). And there’s a reason for that, which I’ll get to in a minute…

Anyway, since last year at this time, I have chosen to quantum leap my results. It’s been an amazing year of change, discovery and opportunity – and it has had its shadows too. Quantum leaping means looking at that which is likely to be uncomfortable so one can reclaim the power hidden in it and release the psychic weight that holds one back. It can feel daunting, to say the least. And I know now how to navigate that journey faster and easier because I’ve walked it (no pun intended!). It’s what I now desire to share with others who are ready to Quantum Leap their lives and businesses.

In any case, I may not tell you all that’s happening with me, but it’s not because I don’t want you to know… it’s actually because I choose my focus to be on you in our work together.

So, if I have made it look too easy, or if I haven’t told you the hard parts of my journey because I believed it was more important to share with you the diamonds of the distilled teachings that I have mined along the way, I ask for your grace.

If you didn’t believe that I’m a real person living a real life and having to do the all-too-familiar daily dance of chores, self-care and prioritizing choices, I hope this message has changed that.

And if you didn’t know that failure, pain and big challenges are among the blessings I am most grateful for as my best teachers, I trust that you can know that now. (And I invite you to consider your best teachers up until now too.)