7 Laws of Hermes

All philosophy is said to be based on seven cosmic laws that were shared by the Egyptian god of Wisdom, Thot, who was known as Hermes Trismegistos to the ancient Greeks. These laws are said to be valid in all of creation and transcendent of any laws made by man.

There exists something called the “Master Key”, based on the Truth Principle, descended from the Hermetic Precepts and distilled into the Seven Laws of Hermes, which forms the basis of virtually all major religions and civilizations today. And you can use these same seven laws to create new success in your soul-driven business right now.

The Master Key teaches the relationship between energy and matter. You can use this Master Key to transform your business in the same way that basic elements can be transmuted from state to state, pole to pole, vibration to vibration when you understand this relationship.

Law One: Mentalism

“As is the human body so is the Cosmic body. As is the human mind so is the Cosmic mind. As is the microcosm so is the Macrocosm. And as is the atom so is the Universe.”
~ The Upanishads

Acceptance of a Universal Mind is the first law because, without it, anything else is meaningless. It is in accessing or being in communion with this eternal, infinite mind that everything is possible. A corollary here is that once an individual has learned to master his own mind, he can attune it to the Universal Mind and, therefore, access the greater truth.

Law Two: Correspondence

“As above, so below; as below, so above.”

Essentially, this law says that what is in the microcosm is what is in the macrocosm of life, and vice-versa. Breaking that down, everything follows its destiny as a reflection of the greater whole. Think of it as your body: what is in the single cell of your body, even in just one drop of blood, is a reflection of the health of your whole body. And the condition of your body is a determining factor in each of your individual cells. There is a correspondence between the single part and the entire entity.

As this relates to business, you following your calling and manifesting your life purpose through your business is divine consciousness manifesting in physical form. Conversely, Source energy has chosen you to be the shepherd of your unique talent and presented you with the opportunity to share it for the greater good through your business.

Law Three: Vibration

“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”

Everything is energy, and energy is dynamic. From the single molecule to the tides of the ocean, everything is in a state of change in the rhythm of life. Be aware of your energetic vibration as that is what has the greatest effect on the quality of your life and business.

For example, if you’re having a bad hair day and feel cranky, you will be attracting matching vibrations to that energy. On the other hand, if you wake up and feel great about life, you will be emanating a higher vibration which will, in turn, attract higher vibration opportunities, relationships and resources to you.

If you are in presence to a lower vibration energy (such as meeting a friend who is having an off day), be aware that they are in a dynamic state of change to joy returning to their life and don’t take it personally. Everyone has the opportunity to choose their own vibrational state.

Your business also has its own vibration. If your business is on ‘life support’ financially, there’s a lower vibration at work. Your responsibility is to understand and shift that. If your business seems to be taking off almost magically, it is experiencing high vibration energy. As the business owner, your energy will have a direct influence on the vibration of your business. Cultivate your energy consciously and your business can flourish.

Law Four: Polarity

“Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has a pair of opposites…”

There is a balance to all that exists in life; some call it the yin and yang principle. Everything has its opposite, or matching contrast, which we talk about in two poles (north/south, male/female, up/down, black/white, intelligence/ignorance). There are two sides to all things. The opposites are actually the same substance only in contrasting degree, and the extremes actually touch each other (for example, take a line and curve it so the opposite ends touch and you have a circle).

What’s interesting about this law is that what is low can also be less high. That is, if you are in a winter location and used to cold weather, and travel to a more temperate climate that is having a cold spell, you might run around in short sleeves compared to the local people who are wearing jackets. To some degree, polarity can be relative although it always exists.

How this relates to business is this: if you are focused only on what you want, to the exclusion of its opposite, you are creating imbalance. To the degree that you focus on making a million dollars while repressing the fear of its opposite (poverty) is to the degree that you are adding energy inadvertently to both conditions. If you are in reaction to, resistance of or conscious ignorance of something, that something has ‘shadow’ power over you. You will, in fact, be creating what you don’t want while you are creating what you do want, which, essentially, means you are stuck.

To use the law of polarity, be fully aware of what you want as well as its opposite so that you are in full awareness and perception about both possibilities; when you are not attached to either outcome, you give yourself permission to dynamically adapt to what supports your highest good with full perception of your world.

Law Five: Rhythm

“Everything flows, out and in; everything has tides; all things rise and fall…rhythm compensates.”

Everything in life has a flow and, accordingly, experiences both high and low tides. Rhythm is the balance within that cycle. For example, you make a big push in your business to generate business and you experience an inflow of leads and revenues.

You can harness the natural energetic tides of the growth of your business by controlling the rhythm of your business. You can choose the pace of the rhythm of your business by planning, checking in to make sure this is the best way to focus your time and resources, to foresee ‘growth’ opportunities (the lows) before they arrive and potentially moderate that rhythm by doing something about it.

For example, if you know you are going to have a challenging month next month, do what you can this month to adjust for that now so you don’t have to feel the full brunt of what that could look like if you don’t act consciously. To understand the rhythm of your business, and to take intentional action to guide the rhythm of what’s coming in and out, is to master the law of polarity.

Law Six: Cause and Effect

“Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause.”

This law is more commonly understood because basic science classes teach it. What isn’t commonly known is that you can become the cause of your effect by consciously choosing your reactions, energetic vibration, mood, actions and more. Think of it as reverse engineering something – start with the end in mind and then do what you need to do to create that result.

For example, if you want to create a business that generates six figures for you, that is the ‘effect’ of what you do next; to put that to work for you, make that intention your starting place and figure out what you did to get there. By doing so, you harness the power of cause and effect to create an intentional result in your business.

Also, within the law of cause and effect, you might ask about coincidences. And there is no such thing as a coincidence because coincidence is not random. Coincidence is actually something that is expressing from obscure causes or a chain of events that we don’t know about or can’t see that is creates the random effect we call ‘coincidence’.

Law Seven: Gender

“Gender is the natural complement to itself.”

Just as we saw in the law of polarity, everything has a natural complement. Gender is an example of that natural complement that actually creates an equality that balances the cycles of creation and regeneration.

We tend to equate gender with biological sex but that is actually a superficial definition. The word gender comes from Latin and means ‘to generate, procreate, and/or produce’. The word sex, used in the context of gender, refers to the physical differences between existing things on the physical plane, such as between male and female.

To go further, you have a male and a female side to your nature (think yin and yang here) and neither is superior but, rather, it exists to complete the whole of you. Each side without the other would be imbalanced. For example, in your business, there is a masculine side that comprises going out to get business, creating outward strategies to ‘hunt’ for new prospects and there is a feminine side that allows and receives business and nurtures new opportunities.