Elements and Process of Ritual

We practice ritual every day – from taking our morning shower to taking the same route to work every day to reading in bed each night. The difference in creating ritual is the conscious intention and use of symbolism in a transformational process as a celebration. Here are some of the elements and process you can use to create your own rituals.
• There are three levels of ritual: mundane, sacred and transcendental.

• Clarity of intention: desired result, personal and/or friend/family circle and/or global intention (note: it is best to get permission from others before including them).

• Intuitive messages: listen to your soul as a guide to your inner wisdom.

• Focus on the ending and the beginning of the ritual: this honors what is passing and what is coming in.

• Location and time of day: the most powerful times of day are between 11 pm and 1 am as the axis points of the day.

• Center and ground yourself before beginning any ritual: this allows you to experience optimal flow of the ritual.

• Use symbols that have meaning for you.

• Use a transformational / alchemical process: this may be burning sage, using crystals, flower essences, dowsing rods,
pendulum or other tools to help read and shift energy on multiple levels.

• Feel the ritual in your body: pay attention to what feels open and what feels flat to “read” the energy as it moves in the ritual process.

• Know when it is done that is was successful: whatever it was, needed to be. If you feel compelled to revisit or go further, honor that but do not stress that it wasn’t done correctly.