7 Chakras of Business

Chakras are spiritual energy centers, according to yogic tradition, that have influence and power in how we are living our lives. It is my theory that business also has chakras that correspond to our personal energy centers; therefore, understand your chakras to understand your business energy. For example, if you are having an issue in your marketing, that is a fifth chakra issue. And if it’s challenging to find like-spirited colleagues, it’s about first or second chakra issues. Consider this quick overview a guide to the connections between your personal energy and your business energy. (For more information, The Anatomy of Spirit by Carolyn Myss as one resource.)

1. The first chakra, located physically in the groin area of your body, is about physical safety, tribal connections, loyalty / allegiance, organization as it pertains to grounding your presence in the world, and where your core birth family beliefs and fears will be revealed. The primary fear is about survival issues.

In your business, this corresponds to the condition of your physical office or work space, going outside of the ‘tribal’ expectations (which is what entrepreneurs do all the time to innovate solutions), and addressing your base survival needs and fears on a regular basis.

2. The second chakra, located just below your belly button in your body, relates to your significant relationships, money, power and control, sex, creativity, and intuition. The fears are about abandonment, poverty, isolation, impotence.

In your business, this translates to money, rules, authority and relationships. This is also the seat of not having the creative juice to make new products, to break out of old patterns and put people and pieces into something new (which can create conflict as it bumps up against each other). This is the center of partnership, which also means that betrayal is centered here. This is where materialism and addiction (such as appetite for power) lives.

3. The third chakra, just above your belly button, is your personal power center and reflects your ability to take action. This is where trust, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-respect, self-discipline and ambition live, where you make good decisions from ‘gut’ instinct. There is sensitivity to criticism here, based on the ego (or definition of self vs. community or relationship). The focus shifts from external relationships to an internal orientation with yourself. The fears here are about rejection, not making good decisions, not being self-aware, criticism, challenges to grow self-esteem, and taking risks.

In your business, this is about making healthy decisions, taking responsibility for your actions, having solid business self-esteem, trusting that you are doing what you need to do in right action and having healthy ambition.

4. The fourth chakra, around your heart, is the emotional processing center of your body. All emotions live here in some form: love, hate, resentment, bitterness, grief, anger, loneliness, commitment, forgiveness, compassion, hope, trust, dedication. The focus is on your emotional needs and the feelings within, such as thoughts, attitudes, ideas and inspirations. The fear is to be vulnerable by following your heart, which can manifest as getting hurt, being jealous, having an inability to forgive or emotionally protect yourself. Courage is needed to listen to your own emotional messages and spiritual guidance. And the shadow of the fourth chakra is that emotional memories can take control over present moment awareness.

In your business, this is where the energy of dysfunction, compassion, dedication, envy and anger can be found. If you aren’t getting the results you want through your business, examine the ‘emotional’ component of what’s happening in and through your business. If you have envy of a colleague, for example, you are projecting that out into your world and it is what you will experience in kind. However, if you send blessings and positive energy out, you are attracting that kind of experience toward yourself through your business.

5. The fifth chakra, located in your throat, is the seat of your personal expression and communication center, where you speak your truth (or criticism and judgment). This is the energy center involved in keeping your word, using your personal power to create through making choices, and is the connection between head and heart.

In your business, this is where your marketing messages initiate, including your promise, delivering what you say you will, and communicating with all the people who are engaged with and support your business. This is where the choices you make are spoken in writing and speaking.

6. The sixth chakra, or third eye located in the middle of your forehead, is about your intellect and your imagination. This is where your ability to be open to new ideas lives, as well as the ability to learn from experience. The fears here include what happens when the truth or reason is clouded, where external counsel takes precedence to what you know as truth, and illusion (instead of insight). And a challenge here can be that others have or want wisdom as much as we do, and to recognize the big impact of big shifts in awareness.

In your business, it’s important to distinguish between truth and illusion, change with the wisdom your business gains daily, and be willing to learn from experience as well as use new information. This is where your business is your business, and you are you – there is a detachment that needs to exist so that your business can do what it needs to do separate from your identity (even if you are the main commodity). And the ability to evaluate business growth, metrics of success and goals is in this chakra.

7. The seventh chakra is located at the top of your head, and is known as the ‘crown’ chakra. This is the energy center that is concerned with life purpose, selflessness and humanitarianism, mystical connection to Source energy, and an ability to see larger patterns. Faith, devotion, divine grace, trust and inspiration are key aspects of this energy center. Prophetic thoughts or transcendent ideas originate here. The fear is the dark night of the soul, spiritual abandonment and loss of connection to the greater whole around us. This is where we surrender to Source as our guide and become the vessel for furthering human development (which is the case for many entrepreneurs in transformational services). If we experience a spiritual crisis, the seeds of both the crisis and the resolution are located in this energy center.

In your business, if you complain about not knowing the bigger picture, you would be referencing a connection to Source energy (which has that information). I believe that we get a lot of information but we don’t know how to interpret it. If you are being called to be of service in a more profound way, it’s likely that the calling is coming from your seven chakra energy center. Some would say this is where your life purpose comes from energetically. By trusting what is occurring in your business, that you are in the right place at the right time, you open the space for diving guidance. When Source is your guide, you release fear and illusion. Additionally, you have enhanced capacity to extend grace and compassion to the people around you and become a conduit for powerful transformation.