Your Secret Sauce Formula

Your secret sauce is what makes you distinctly you. This is the extra “juhzzz” factor that no one else has – and cannot emulate – because it is uniquely you.
Your ‘secret sauce’:
• differentiates you from other providers in the marketplace,
• comes to life by using vibrant language, and,
• helps your audience perceive you are different from what is expected, known or familiar to your market.

A key to know that you are clearly stating your own ‘secret sauce’ is that no one else can say it and have it make sense for them. That is, if you imagine your words on someone else’s website, and they make sense for that person too, it’s not your secret sauce.

What makes me unique / special is _______________.

What makes me unique / special is (my ability to___, my talent to_____, how I approach ____, the way I ____, etc.).