7 Tips for A Great Headshot

Use these tips to get a great headshot, which is particularly important if you are your own product.

1. No distractions!

Sitting in a social environment while a friend casually snaps your photo (as the guy in the background is reaching for a soda) or you’re in front of an art exhibit causes you to complete with your environment for a good headshot. Use a neutral background to let your photo be about you.

2. No lopping off friends!

You have a great photo with friends hanging on your shoulder so you just crop the photo to focus on you. Not only is that not healthy energetically, it’s a disservice to you because people are relating to you relating to that person in the photo vs. the person looking at your headshot. That is two completely different relationships, obviously… if you’re looking to attract business, don’t use a shot where you’re ‘hangin’ with your homies’!

3. No body shots!

A headshot on a web page is already small, so if you decide to use that photo of yourself dressed up in full, you are taking valuable “real estate” away from your headshot. Your head ends up being smaller than a postage stamp, and it’s really not enough for people to get the feel of your energy. A headshot is just that… a HEADshot!

4. Good lighting.

If your headshot has funny shadows, harsh lighting (which will age you), you’re squinty in the sun, or your face is looming in from a dark background (as in, your picture being taken at a social club), it’s not working for you. Natural lighting is great, or a professional photographer will know how to use light to complement your features. It’s all about the lighting!!!

5. The eyes are the windows to the soul.

This is the connection place between you and the person seeing your headshot – this is how you engage people when you’re not there. If you are friendly, approachable, and/or playful, it is likely that people will want to connect with you. Eye contact shows whether you are open to relationship in some manner or if you are closed for business. If you’re doing a stare-down, not looking at the camera, or wearing sunglasses, you’re not giving your people the opportunity to engage with your light. Eye contact is a key to your emotional being and is just as important in a headshot as it is in person.

6. Creativity wins.

If you want to do a profile shot with a quick look at the camera, or catch yourself in the middle of a good laugh, or want to wear something that is “you”, do it! A picture paints a thousand words… and in business, your headshot can attract you thousands of dollars. Your headshot shows what is important to you, so capture your personality in the moment. Let your headshot reflect who you are – after all, that’s who people want to know.

7. Supermodels are out!

A good headshot isn’t about being glammed up to the point where people in your world wouldn’t recognize you. This is about you being you, comfortable in your skin and inviting people to come play (and do business) with you. There is no need to glob on the make-up or wear clothes that you wouldn’t normally wear. It’s vital that you be your natural self that happens to be getting a picture taken because THAT is the most attractive quality you have – YOU!