Your Great Life’s Work

In order to understand your unifying message about your great life’s work, your sacred purpose and what your business is all about, it’s important to put it together in clear language. Start by stating what you currently tell people about your business. For example, I help entrepreneurs build their businesses, I am a business development mentor, I do intuition mentoring. Then take the key words out of that phrase (entrepreneurs, businesses, mentor, intuition) and ask yourself what that really means to you.

You are creating a mini-mind map of your associations around those terms, searching for the vital language behind the simple terms. In this case, entrepreneurs mean a special class of people who have unparalleled commitment, courage, candor and a special breed of heart to do what it takes to grow their business and make a greater contribution to the world.

Now, feel into the associations you are creating for each set of words to get into the consciousness of them and allow yourself to visualize what it would be like to be doing ‘that’ in your business, to make ‘that’ your legacy. Ask yourself who would most benefit by, and resonate with, ‘that’, and what they would experience as a result of ‘that’. Then put it all together:

My great life’s work is to share _________ (your special wisdom) with _________ (who / group of people) so they can experience _______________ (possibilities / outcomes / their highest good).

Example: My great life’s work is to share divine consciousness for personal evolution with soul-driven entrepreneurs so they can experience the joy of making a bigger positive difference for themselves and others through the full and robust expression of their essential self in everything they do.