Networking Introduction

This formula would be used in a networking situation where you would introduce yourself as people go around the room for self-introductions. Be sure to stand up, use a clear voice, and project confidence about what you do with statements (vs. questions or an upward inflection in your voice). Use the Audio Logo Formula (above), add a sentence about your name and your business name, and close with a memorable statement. The memorable statement should be humorous, leave them with a positive about you and your personality.

I help _________ to __________________ so they can _______________. My name is _______________ and my business is ______________. Remember, __________________.

I help (who) to (do / create / change / achieve what) so they can (have / enjoy / experience result). My name is (name) and my business is (business name). Remember, (memorable statement).

I help entrepreneurs to bridge the gap into soul-driven business so they can create a good living from who they are while making a bigger contribution to the world. My name is Lynn Scheurell and my business is Creative Catalyst. Remember, choose your catalyst or life will choose it for you!