What is True Happiness?

Poem By Masaru Emoto

Is it possible for only you to be happy?
Is it possible for only your family to be happy?
Is it possible for only your country to be happy?

No, No, it is not.

Because I like to believe that “happiness” which in Japanese is said “Shiawase” ?

This four character phrase describes water that is calm and at peace in all four directions.

If they are surrounded by happy, water, trees, and flowers will be full of life, clothe themselves in green and give forth fresh clean air for us to breathe. And there are withered trees, leaves, and petals are the creators in turn of rich loams.

A world is created that allows all living things to exist in harmony.

So only when all are “happy” surrounded by calm and peaceful water, can we know real happiness, I believe. But then how can this happiness be achieved?

How about asking that number which is said to be a composer of this universe?

Indeed, the cosmos begins with “1″?…

And “1″? is yourself and myself.

Let us each be happy first to do that.

Love Thyself.