It’s Not The Size That Matters

It’s not the big issues that make up the balance of your vibrational offering. It’s the little issues. It’s how you feel when you are driving in traffic. It’s how you feel every time you open that drawer and it’s a mess and you can’t find anything in it. It’s how you feel about the day to day experiences that you are having. It’s how you feel about the people you are working with and the personality conflicts or alignments that you have. In other words, the things that are rolling across your mind on a pretty steady basis they set the tone of your vibrational frequency and so you just gotta ask yourself, “Is my frequency anywhere near the frequency of who I really am?” “Is my chronic frequency anywhere near the vibrational reality that’s in the process of becoming?”

We want you to know this vibrational reality that we are talking about it’s not something to just discard as non-reality. It is the preface to all that you call really reality. Real reality. Real life reality is always prefaced by a vibrational reality. There is nothing that you see or know, none of this knock on wood stuff, none of this stuff that you are translating vibrationally through your eyes and ears and nose and mouth and fingertips. Nothing that is the reality that you call reality is anything more than extended vibrational reality. This is where it all starts and this is where 99.99% of it becomes before you see it. This reality is valid, it’s vivid, it’s real and it’s worth turning your undivided attention toward.