The Intuitive Genius Of Your Being

You already know everything you need to know, whenever you need to know it. The challenge is that you either don’t have conscious access to it, you don’t know how to interpret the messages, or you don’t know how to apply what you know. However, many (if not most) people run around seeking their answers from the outside, looking to others for direction and asking for validation about who they are and how they are showing up in the world.

There’s a difference between knowing what you know and building your skills, just as there is a difference between know what you know and being willing to receive guidance on how to best focus that knowledge.

Make no mistake – I’m not advocating that people don’t connect with each other or participate in a community or work with a mentor. That’s exactly the point… when you rely on the intuitive genius of your being, you will have greater discernment about who to share your time and energy with and what to spend it on as well as being aware of who is in best vibrational resonance with you. This is about listening to your own wisdom to make better choices and investments of your precious energy.

The intuitive genius of your being is your personal antenna for assessing your world. It’s your inner compass, your personal navigator and your own fail-safe system for awareness. Your intuitive genius within won’t let you make a mistake, if you listen and speak the language of your soul.

Three Things You Can Do Today

1. Engage with life and then listen. It’s when you are in motion, dancing with life and meeting other people that you get more information. Just as a weather vane can’t do its job if there is no wind, the intuitive genius of your being needs life energy to stay vibrant. The difference is rather than seeking to find yourself where you are not (outside yourself, in other people), you are focused on the insights you are receiving from your intuitive genius.

2. Learn your language. Go back to the past for examples of how your intuitive genius has given you information previously. You may discover the last time X happened, Y is the message you got and maybe didn’t listen to it so Z was the result. For example, you wanted to take a particular route when driving but it just felt ‘off’ so you took that route anyway and found yourself in a traffic jam that you could have avoided. There are myriads of examples in your own life where you could have listened to a message but you might not have recognized it, blew it off or thought you were making it up. Learn the language of your intuitive genius so you can apply it to what’s happening in your life and business right now.

3. Consider the present. What’s sticking you or holding you back or something that you don’t want to deal with? Where are you waiting for someone to give you an answer that you already know? Are you waiting for permission instead of simply doing what you know needs to be done? There are messages waiting for you right now about your world that can help you make better decisions. Check in with the present to start receiving your insights.

Tap into the power of the intuitive genius of your being to shift your world. No longer will you need others to tell you what you already know; instead, you’ll be living from it.