3 Questions To Hear Your Soul

There is an emerging ‘idea bank’ behind the ‘new’ models of successful entrepreneuring, and this idea bank includes such concepts as:

* Be who you are to be successful.

* Live from your passion.

* Risk taking what matters to you and share it with the world.

That’s all well and good, but how can you tell when you are living into those qualities?

Easy… when you are pulling the power of your soul through everything you do, including your business.

Here are three questions to help you hear your soul’s message:

1. What would you (Universe, Source, Higher Power, etc.) have me do?

2. How do I feel about what I am doing in this moment?

3. Am I now best using what is available to me (time, energy and resources) to live my purpose?

The answers to these questions are your soul guiding you to what will bring you to your next best level.