Reflection On Your Greatness

I believe that our greatness waits for us; that is, if you are truly destined to be, achieve or have something, it may take some time to get to you, but it has your name on it – you won’t be able to avoid it and no one else can claim it. And right now, this moment, is when the path to your greatness is rolling out before you and asking you to take another step toward it. (I know that because you’re reading this…)

However, by following through on decisions that don’t feel quite right in the moment, which is a common affliction of the human race, we put off our boldest destiny all the time. And yet, we / you really can’t outrun y/our own magnificence. In fact, we actually create challenges along the way to grow ourselves by making ‘sideways’ decisions.

Every time a challenge comes up, it’s simply an invitation to consider in what way your destiny is calling you to be more of who you are and claim your unique place in the fabric of time and space. It’s actually the challenges that give you something to push against to grow beyond your current state of being. And it’s the challenges that cause you to know your ‘super-X’ factor.

The ‘super-X’ factor is the volatile energy that is commonly known as Free Will, the one thing that you decide in the moment that changes everything and which cannot really be accounted for in advance. For example, if you have a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction to something that caught you off-guard, you will have a different outcome than if you were in a state of proactive choice and aware surrender.

Through making choices and taking action you are creating your way to your greatness. Your future is changing as you move toward it, like a giant virtual kaleidoscope. And you are changed by the act of creation, which is why it’s so important that you be consciously present and aware of the state of your being. (By the way, this is what is commonly called ‘being in the flow’ and, when done right, can be both the most unsettling and the most grounding experience you can have at the same time.)

Within your particular kaleidoscope of life, there are points of light that are fixed for you to use in navigating to and becoming your best self. So, your greatness waits for you at these collection points of energy until you get to them and are willing to partake of them. (I imagine this as the equivalent of a gigantic cosmic virtual game where you can see yourself as a point of light on the field of life in relation to your greatness collection points).

Depending on your route to getting to these points, which can be a more or less rigorous journey based on how you use your ‘super-X’ factor energy, you will be able to savor them in differing degrees.

As an energy-aware person who desires to make a living by who you are, you have to acknowledge that you have (are) greatness and then ‘be’ your way into it with every choice you make and action you take moment by moment. Consider what are you choosing for yourself right now… are you moving toward your magnificence? Or are you savoring it right where you are in this moment? OR, are you putting it off, avoiding it or maybe burning time in looking for your greatness where it is not? Whatever your process, trust that it’s the right one for you… there’s no way to do it wrong.

However, if you’d like it to feel better or go more smoothly, know that now is the time to wake up to your greatness. In my opinion, one of the fastest ways to get conscious is to package your greatness into something that other people can value and pay you for… people are looking for you to help them. The process of packaging your ‘secret sauce’ is what makes you get familiar with it, refine it to its most distilled essence and then honor yourself for being it.

So, what part of your greatness are you winding your way to now?