Common Messages Entrepreneurs Get
And How to Handle What They Mean

Life gives us messages all the time; as an energy-aware person who is choosing to honor your gifts by sharing them with others, you will get special messages that ‘civilians’ don’t have the ‘opportunity’ to handle.

Here are just a few of them that you might be familiar with:

  • I don’t have enough ________ (time, money, resources, support, skills, etc.)
  • I don’t know how to ______ (talk about what I do, create a website, write marketing promotions, etc.)
  • I feel different from ‘normal’ people – why can’t it be easy?
  • Sure, I’m leading the way but it’s hard and lonely
  • I feel like I’m being chased (by debt, by clients, by workload, etc.)
  • My projects seem like they never end and take more than I think
  • If I stop, it all falls apart but if I don’t take a break, I’ll fall apart!
  • It seems like I get blocked when I try to do something new
  • I take it pretty hard – as a personal rejection – when people don’t buy what I’m offering

Depending on how you perceive these kinds of messages, you will create your experience with them. You can either give in to the lure of what they seem on the surface, which means believing the obvious, or you can choose to see what the message is really inviting you to explore.

In other words, it’s not about what happens but what you choose to believe about and what you choose to do about it. For example, if a potential customer doesn’t purchase what you have to offer, it isn’t about YOU – the offer wasn’t clear, the value wasn’t established for that person, or maybe they learned that they needed to pursue another solution that was a better fit for them (and it’s likely that you want them to find their best answers anyway, right?).

You will experience the effect that you are most familiar with, because that’s what you expect. You will, like every other human, seek to make yourself right – albeit unconsciously – by finding the connection through what you know. If you perceive the messages you get as a result of living your purpose through business as reinforcements to what doesn’t feel good, you are proving some part of yourself (the part that is requesting clarity and healing) to be right in staying stuck.

The points that it’s not about your abilities, but about your choices. It’s not about doing business, but about becoming who you are through your business. It’s not about seeing the downside of the message, but about recognizing your opportunity to grow disguised as that feeling, challenge or situation.

May you choose to ‘read’ your messages in a new way – one that supports you in becoming all of who you are here to be.