Marketing Messages

Marketing messages are simply bite-sized benefits that people will experience as a result of working with you. They are your key ideas that have the power to shift someone else’s perception beyond what they know or expect to help them get what they want.

The ‘secret’ key is that the most effective marketing messages go beyond facts / information (this cat food is made of _____), superlatives (this is the best ever!), or “hooks” (only three left, limited time offer, your life will be miserable without this product, etc.).

Communication as connection is the language of your soul speaking to your potential and current clients. Express your value to your audience as a picture of the experience they will have by working with you. What do you want for them? What do they want for themselves? What can they expect after they’ve worked with you? Help them to see the possibilities they have given up on, believed impossible, forgotten or haven’t been able to put words to yet.

Share the possibilities for your audience from different perspectives: physical, spiritual, intellectual, technical, energetic, emotional, creative… meet them where they are, not where you are now. Remember what it was like when you didn’t know what you do now and use that as a place to start understanding your audience. Chances are that whatever you were looking for originally is likely to be something that they are looking for now – and you are the person to help them get that solution faster than it took you to find it.

Your marketing language will speak naturally to your potential and current customers when it comes from the heart. We humans have a built-in “b.s. detector” – we know if it’s not real. So if it makes your heart sing to write or speak it, if your heart beats a little faster in that moment, you’re on track with what will provoke an emotional response with your audience because it has to come from you first. If you’re not excited about it, nobody else can be either.

It’s not about the WHAT of what you do or even the HOW you do it – those are methodologies and people want the result of your solution. Think of it like this: if someone wants to go to Los Angeles, and can’t figure out where they’re starting from or what mode of transportation they need, they really just want to be in Los Angeles, right? It’s not about the 12 hour trip, or being on a plane or a train, or all the work that they have to do to get there – they just want to be there.

Your marketing messages need to combine clarity with your passion in supporting your audience to add value to their life experience. It is far beyond problem solving; it’s about possibilities. The best way you can help people feel their own potential is to let them feeeeeeel you in your marketing messages. This can be daunting for you due to fear of rejection if you put yourself out there, feeling vulnerable, sharing too much, not looking professional, etc. – and yet, the key is in connecting from a real, soul to soul place. At that level, there is nothing to fear.

Marketing messages creates your market value; that is, they create the demand for what you do (education), how well you do it (expertise / level of service), difficulty in finding it elsewhere (uniqueness). Who are you and what do you do that people want and will pay for and can’t get anywhere else?