6 Differences Between Traditional and Soul-Driven / Conscious Marketing

As people are becoming more conscious, so are the ways in which businesses (you) relate to them. Here are the primary differences between traditional and soul-driven / conscious marketing.

Traditional Marketing

1. Explores the negative / pain side driven by externally judged market needs
2. Meets the current / known marketplace needs
3. Uses proven practices
4. Depends on / activates perceived limitations (only so many copies, buy now, etc.) – pushes on unconscious triggers to achieve sales
5. Hard sell (facts, information, best ever)
6. Uses money as main success factor / measurement

Soul-Driven / Conscious Marketing

1. Born from the positive heart from compelling need / responsibility to serve
2. Creates marketplace need
3. Innovates marketing approaches / language
4. Doesn’t rely on “hooks” to induce sales – uses positive attraction instead – assumes people can and want to make own decisions
5. Heart sell (emotion, energy, connection)
6. Uses many success factors – connection, ability to transform, personal growth (and money)