10 Questions to Identify Your Niche Market

Your niche market is the key to pretty much everything in your business. If you know who you are serving (which can be different from who you think you are serving), then you can structure your solution according to their needs and wants. Even more, your niche market determines the language you use in communicating with them.

Example: women in their thirties – are they corporate executives or stay at home moms?

1. What problem does your solution solve?
2. What are the consequences of people having that problem? (suffering, pain, frustration, tolerations)
3. Who is most likely to search for it?
4. What is outcome or result they will receive from your solution?
5. What are the benefits of what they receive?
6. How fast will they experience results?
7. Can they afford your solution?
8. Can you reach them easily and cost-effectively?
9. Are there enough people in this niche to sustain your business?
10. Why you? (What is your credibility with this niche? Are you believable in offering your solution?)