12 Characteristics of Effective Marketing Messages

1. Simple – less is more
2. Personal
3. Clear
4. Distinct
5. Focus on benefit (not feature)
6. Use descriptive language
7. Present-tense
8. Action-oriented
9. Reference tangible outcomes
10. Relate to your audience through you (your passion to their desire)
11. Address expectations
12. Provide linear logic for their emotional decision

Use these characteristics to guide the composition of your compelling marketing messages.

• I discover the patterns of your life as an observer of your life so you can make different choices instead of reliving the past by default.
• I explore amazing possibilities you never thought possible with the courage of truth, conviction and belief in who you are in such a way that you are compelled to move forward in your life in new ways.
• I create a new connection with your whole being in order to call forward and open up all of your own healing energies so you can enjoy healthful vitality that you never thought possible.

(Note: you can learn more about how to articulate your life purpose and your audio logo elsewhere in this book.)