Evolve Yourself to Extraordinary

This is it – no dress rehearsal, no do-overs and no turning back time. THIS is your life! And it can be absolutely magical and extraordinary by understanding and embodying just three key commitments. Make no mistake – it’s not for the faint of heart! Read that line again… “understanding and embodying three key commitments”. To understand is to use your mind to engage and direct your comprehension, to embody is to invite every part of your being to fully support your understanding and to commit goes beyond mere agreement – it means that you will follow through with everything you have to see through what your head, heart and spirit have aligned with in your commitment. It is that level of evolved faith that has the power to transform your life into an extraordinary experience. Even more, that is the power that can catapult you to new and amazing results beyond where you can even imagine at this very moment!

The first key is so basic that it is deceptively simple. Here it is – show up and do the work! There is a quote about “80% of success is just showing up”. I would take that one step further – be present AND accountable! Learn the skills you need to go to your next level, confront and / or eliminate the blocks that are preventing your progress, study the concepts and develop the strategies that will help you move in new ways to get where you want to go. Consider what is in your way and get it handled! It may seem mundane, but this is a core piece of your foundation. When you look at where you are and where you want to be, you are creating your action plan for a more extraordinary life. And remember – this is deceptively simple because as you create and work your plan, you will need to consider your thoughts, self-talk, habits, environment, and everything else that is impacting your ability to show up and do the work.

The second key is to know what you know. Essentially, you already have most, if not all, of the answers you need right now to enjoy a more extraordinary life. The issue is likely one of three things: that you aren’t listening, not understanding the messages you’re getting or not taking action in alignment with what you know to be true for you. For example, you may know that you don’t feel good with a particular person, but you continue to associate with them, the person who is suffering is you. You’ve gotten a message, but you’re not understanding or relating to it nor taking action with what you really need or want; instead, you are effectively choosing to avoid your extraordinary life by expending your life force energy in a way that isn’t supporting you. Now there are reasons for that, such as not wanting to hurt the other person, not wanting to have “the conversation” to renegotiate your relationship, or not being able to justify it as right in your own mind. While those are, on some level, valid reasons, they are mental constructs that are opposed to what you know in your being. And any time we aren’t paying attention to our core knowingness, it will be reflected in our results. If you’re not living your extraordinary life now, there is a core knowingness that needs your attention.

The third key is to optimize your opportunities as often as possible. Most of the time, we don’t need to create opportunities – they’re banging on our proverbial door! Our biggest task is to decide which ones to pursue. You can know that’s true by sitting for 11 minutes right now and considering what you could do in your life just with what is in front of you today – it could be meeting a new person, setting up an international trip, starting a business or moving to a new state. The possibilities are truly endless! The question becomes what opportunities compel you to say ‘yes!’, to emphatically embrace them, with the awareness that to not take advantage of them would turn into a regret at a later time. We are here as a physical expression of divine energy, and one of the reasons we are here is to experience as much as we can while in physical form. ‘Carpe diem’, or seize the day, is truly what gives our lives the juice to manifest our greatness. Blending in to “fit in” with society, unconsciously following someone else’s path, and/or conforming to what other people’s expectations is a sure prescription to an ordinary, bland and mediocre life. Look at what is possible for you right now… to what calling can you answer an emphatic ‘yes’ right now? What change can you make toward your extraordinary life with an opportunity that’s waiting for you today?

These key commitments are simple, but not necessarily easy, to fulfill. Being extraordinary and living your unique magic means that you are actively directing and engaging your personal evolution process. Each one of these keys requires conscious reflection and action, working through all your layers of values, beliefs, thoughts and subsequent actions. Taking “right” action in each of these keys means you are aware of not just the rational, linear (left-brain) reasons to do so, but the intuitive, emotional (right-brain) reasons. It is a complete blend of who you are at your essential self with the world around you, in willingness to act on and receive all the spectacular experiences that are just waiting to come in to create your most extraordinary life. It makes doing the work, knowing what you know and optimizing your opportunities take on a whole new meaning, doesn’t it?