Unlocking Potential

Cosmic evolution is dancing through you right this minute… it’s a pretty big deal. In case you’ve never thought of it, you are the physical expression of the universe, just like a single grain of sand creates a beach. Being the physical expression of the cosmic universe is an honor that only the heartiest souls can handle. And by just being who you are, you have a unique ability to make manifest something that, without you, would not exist much less contribute to the greater whole through the world around you. But no pressure…

Now that we’ve gotten that out into the open, let’s take a look at what that really means… to be a physical manifestor on behalf of the universe.

You came here to be a unique individual amongst billions. No one else has your combination of body chemistry, childhood experiences, beliefs, desires and life “lens” through which you see and interpret the world, amongst about 8 gazillion other unique qualities, skills and characteristics. Bottom line: there is no one else exactly like you who can do exactly what you came here to do in the way that you know to do it. Even if you don’t know what that means. Yet.

At the same time, you’ve been given everything you need to do “it”. When you realize that you are here to do something important, when you feel the calling of your spirit, the stir of your soul compelling you to take action, to show up, to be more… well, there’s no denying it. You are being called to give back to the universe in the way that you, and only you, can do.

And THAT is why you are here… to put into action your unique ability to make a greater contribution to the universe by using source energy in the world around you. Giving back to source energy makes a full cycle… you’re here with unique and potent talent as bestowed from source energy, and using it to make a difference in the physical plane gives experiential form and function to universal energy. So giving back to the universe, in the form of using and sharing your unique piece of universal energy, evolves both you, in the experience, and the cosmos, in the contribution.

In other words, as you share your unique energy in contribution and service to the world around you, you are manifesting the rewards of source energy in application and motion. You are yielding physical results that matter in a big way. You are manifesting for the universe.

So, here’s the big question: what are you here to manifest? What are you here to do? What are you here to give back? NOW we’re talkin’…

If you are feeling of being “in the flow”, where everything seems to be working for you, you’re happy, people around you feel good, and you feel like you are creating something that makes a positive difference, chances are you are already giving back in vibrational resonance with your unique purpose. Congratulations – you inspire the rest of us!

However, if you feel something is missing or not fitting together well, if you’re not happy or have a vague sense of anxiety (I call it the “Lamborghini stuck behind a lawn mower” feeling), if you feel like you don’t matter much, or wish that life would just slow down, well… those are some big clues that you aren’t manifesting in alignment with your natural reason for being. It’s not always big clues … maybe you feel like you’re stuck in a routine rut, or don’t feel like getting out of bed more days than not. Basically, if you’re not feeling vital, charged up and stimulated to go out and do more of what you know makes the world a better place on a regular basis, it’s time to consider where you could be giving back more by expressing the focused power of your unique being. Your soul is hurting by being too scrunched up in whatever little box it’s had to live in for too long – it isn’t doing what it’s here to do, and neither are you.

What to do now? Well, here’s the good news. If you’re still reading this, it’s time to evolve your experience so you can give more…and as you give more, you are able to receive more. The more engaged you are in making a positive difference, the more you are naturally attracting amazing opportunities to enjoy and make an even bigger difference. (It’s another full cycle… )

At any rate, here is what you need to know to grow yourself to give more starting today…


You are here as a whole and perfect physical expression of the power of the universe. When you are in the flow of your true being, things just… well, flow. It takes more energy to resist your true calling. In fact, it’s effortless to be who you are! You might do more work but it will feel easier and more joyful when giving from your natural state. It’s flat-out less work when you give naturally… when you share your unique talent with the world around you with the awareness that you’re doing it from your essence. It will fill you up and feel wonderful when you’re no longer pushing to restrain your spirit to fit into someone else’s mold, judgment or even a job.

Remember that, without you, the things that you can manifest would not exist. Give back to the universe by manifesting through your true, unique, essential, beautiful and most precious self.