Be Your Most Unstoppable Self

When was the last time you really, really wanted ice cream at some crazy hour of the day – and actually went to go get it? Or maybe you had an urge to call someone right NOW – so you did it right that second? Or someone stood in the way of you doing something you really wanted to do, so you figured out how to do it anyway? In case you haven’t seen the pattern yet, these are all examples of you being unstoppable because the thing you wanted was greater than the thing that could have stopped you.

The same thing happens when your soul is calling for you to step into your greatness. That is, regardless of what your actual purpose is, it will wait for you until you’re ready to claim it. It will set up situations to guide you into the next best step to get to your greatness and IT – your being – is what becomes unstoppable.

It may take years to manifest your purposeful greatness, but your being knows the power of claiming the next best step by continuous movement in the direction of your purpose. How do you know your spirit is being unstoppable? Here are some clues to help you know that your spirit is compelling you in powerful ways to be your most unstoppable self.

Choice Points

You find yourself at significant places where there exists the opportunity to change the course of the rest of your life. These may manifest as big decisions, like a geographic move or a marriage commitment, the impact of which is readily apparent. But they may also come in small, seemingly simple choices that have far-reaching impact, especially when taken cumulatively. In any case, watch for your choice points as a clue to where your spirit may be asking for your conscious attention to be unstoppable.

Repetitive Access Places

You may find that your choice points revolve around the same issue consistently, like relationships, health or money. In this case, your spirit is asking you to resolve the blocks in that particular area because, up until now, that issue has blocked or distracted your progress on a bigger level. Or you may find that the choice points come in cycles, either in terms of time (on a regular basis) or matching a milestone in your growth process (for example, they will arise every time you achieve a particular goal). These repetitive access places are limitations or conditions that your spirit asking you to handle so you can move forward more clearly.

Powerful Connections

You may find an influx of people into your life, either periodically or continuously, who have the resources, interest and ability to help you achieve things faster and easier. Consider the commonalities amongst new contacts, introductions or people you meet along the way in order to recognize and understand where your spirit is directing you to sources of power in being unstoppable.

Restless Spirit

You know you are experiencing big change which requires unstoppability on you part when there is a restlessness in your life – a rhythm that isn’t rhythmic, when you want to do something, but don’t know what it is or you can’t sit still but have nowhere to go. It’s a compelling energy, and I call it the “Lamborghini stuck behind the lawn mower” syndrome – you’re burning out your high-performance engine because you’re stuck behind a putt-putt vehicle (no offense to any lawn mowers out there!). You may be experiencing endings but don’t know where your beginnings are, and yet, you are compelled to keep going despite the lack of clear direction. Trusting that spirit will channel your restless spirit to where you need to go is being unstoppable in action.


Spirit speaks in the language of symbols, including what could be dismissed as coincidences or chance meetings. There is no such thing as an accident when you view your world through the eyes of spirit, and synchronicities are the cosmic “bread crumb” trail to show you where spirit is asking you to be unstoppable. Ironically, synchronicities are most telling when you don’t know where they are going to lead you!

By knowing the language of your spirit, how it is calling and supporting you in being unstoppable, you can be made aware of where you’ve been playing small in your life. This is in direct conflict to your reason for being here as a physical representation of cosmic energy made manifest – your sole purpose is to live life fully and robustly in contribution to the whole.

There can be a variety of things that slow or even prevent you from living that purpose, such as not believing in your abilities, allowing other people’s opinions or impressions to direct you, conditioned limited thinking or an unsupportive environment – all of which can seem true at any given time.

However, with the knowing that you are being called to be bold as the expression of cosmic energy made manifest, such things no longer have the same power over your experience. They cannot stop you because your purpose is bigger than any perceived obstacle you could possibly encounter. Essentially, once conscious, it is unavoidable to realize – and actualize – the unstoppable being that is YOU!