Actualization Assessment – Balancing Time for Your Fulfillment

Since time flies, it might be helpful for you to have a way to give yourself a reality check on where you are vs. where you wanted to be at the end of this coming year. It’s all about balance but not the way you might be thinking of it… it’s the balance of where you’ve been AND what you have left to do in order to feel fulfilled at the end of this year. With realization, you can have actualization… you still have time to accomplish what you wanted for your soul-driven business this year.

Before we go any further, let’s talk a bit about balance and fulfillment. In that light, consider the act of walking. When you’re walking, do you think you’re balanced? If you said yes, you might want to think again because walking is actually a controlled fall… you have to lose your balance in one direction or another and use your “other” foot to catch yourself! So balance is a bit relative… the idea is to engage enough with your own rhythm of balance so you can make progress toward what fills you up.

It’s also what you have left to achieve, such as balances on credit cards or “loose ends” of desires and social obligations (you owe someone a Starbucks, for example). In this case, it’s about what you have left to complete from your own wish list from January 1 in order to know you’ve fulfilled your anticipated outcomes for this year.

While we’re at it, let’s take a minute about fulfillment too… a lot of people mistakenly measure fulfillment as the accumulation of material possessions or simply knocking out a to-do list. And while those are valid, short-term measurements, the best sense of fulfillment is what makes you feel good at the end of the day. It’s the satisfaction from doing what you wanted with your time, energy and resources and experiencing the sensation of aware contentedness with your contribution to a greater whole. Fulfillment doesn’t come from the outside – it’s an inside job. And the most conscious fulfillment is the feeling that results from true engagement with the world in a lasting way. You’ve made a difference.

The idea here is that you are invited to discover the extent of your balance (or controlled fall!) so far this year, and what you have left yet to accomplish to feel really fulfilled on December 31st. So take a moment to consider the following questions… and if you discover that you’ve got something left undone yet, now is the time to make a plan and get moving!

1. What do you feel are your most significant achievements since January 1? And have you celebrated them to give your spirit the joy, satisfaction and incentive to keep you moving toward other achievements in the future?

2. What goals did you set for yourself in the beginning of the year that you have not yet achieved? How about the ones you haven’t even started yet?

3. Does your business / life look and feel different than it did on January 1? If yes, in what ways? If not, is there anything that needs to be changed or are you completely happy?

4. What regrets do you have about anything that has occurred this year? If any, what can you do to either release or reframe them?

5. What is the source of your greatest joy? Have you given that enough time this year?

6. What does your morning feel like consistently? Are you ready to jump out of bed to take on the day? If not, what needs to change for you to be excited about your day?

7. Does your world reflect who you are now? Consider your environment, relationships, habits… anything that makes up your world is a reflection of you, and if it’s the “old” you, it’s time to let that go because it’s now officially become “clutter”.

8. Who isn’t being helped by what you do because you aren’t visible enough yet? And what do you need to do to become seen by them?

9. Do you feel spirit moving through you on a daily basis? If not, where have you become disconnected from your source energy?

10. Are you spending your life force energy for your best and highest good? Are you focusing on the best use of your time, energy and resources for what you want to achieve on a regular basis?

Bonus Question: What three things will you do in the next nine days to get you closer toward your goals for 2011?

My intention is that this assessment has helped you get some significant clarity on your balance so far this year so you can close out the year in celebration of your fulfilled achievements.