Can You Say “THIS IS IT” For Yourself?

I am profoundly inspired… in a life-changing kinda way. I saw the new Michael Jackson movie, This Is It, yesterday. As an entrepreneur, and a soul-driven person, it spoke to the depths of me.

Here are the key points that I took away, and which you, as an entrepreneur, can likely relate to… (and I won’t say too much about the movie itself because you really need to personally experience it for yourself).

1. Michael Jackson had complete love and joy in expressing his true gifts to the world. He did it because he loved it, not because it was going to make him rich and/or famous.

2. He was the consummate professional, being hands-on with literally every note and nuance of his performance. And his performance included the contribution of everyone around him.

3. He wanted other people to shine in the sharing their gifts and talents. He was inclusive of his community.

4. He asked for what he wanted, even when a little frustrated, with love.

5. He had a high attention to detail, and the vital importance of the accumulated effects of those seemingly small details.

6. His body was his instrument, and the music moved through him. He became it.

7. He did physical things with his body that most 50-years olds wish they could do – he kept up with the young dancers behind him (WHILE he sang too!).

8. He was a performer through and through – put him in a spotlight, and he knew what to do with it. It was so natural that rehearsal wasn’t really necessary, but it became a group bonding experience.

9. He gave the audience what they wanted, putting them first in the experience as they created it.

10. His answer to the producer, upon coordinating a huge part of the production, was “I will feel it”. That whole part of the show (well, all of it, really) rested on him “feeling” it.

11. He had deep concern about our human imprint on our planet, and wanted to help heal the earth from destructive, artificial forces by honoring nature.

12. His producer said, upon observing the reaction of the crew, that it was “church” time as people reveled in the pure joy of his energy expressing so clearly through his talents.

13. He was a non-conformist, and went with what he knew to be true for him. And that made history.

I could go on… this movie is a beautiful testimonial to the legacy he left. It’s deeply seeped in lessons that you, and every other entrepreneur who wants to pull the power of their soul through their business, need to experience personally. To see him in the raw footage (that most other professionals aspire to in polished performance) means to see him in the less packaged persona of a real person.

Most importantly, “This Is It” is the affirmation of his dancers, his crew, his intentions for sharing what seems to be his crowning jewel of an illustrious, interesting, unconventional career. And it was all based on him being who he was from spirit. He couldn’t be anything else… the very definition of a soul-driven entrepreneur.

So, can you say “This Is It” about your life, your business? Do you feel the rapture of who you are on a daily basis? Do you get how vital you are to making the planet a better place as a result of you in it?