Mining Your Soul For Gold

Everything that you are seeking right now is already within you. That’s a big statement but it’s based on my belief that we are here as a physical representation of Divine energy. That is, the Universe lives through each of us, and that (naturally enough) includes living through you.

When you recognize that you are special, that there is no one else like you, and that it is only through you that your particular light energy will ever shine for all of our collective benefit, something magical happens. You realize that if you live with your brakes on, if you turn down your light so someone else won’t feel bad, if you ‘take more’ because you can and so you think you should, you are cheating not only yourself but the Universe from full expression. You allowing the gold (or platinum or titanium or whatever) of your soul to shine is your gift and it’s your responsibility. That’s why you are here.

Some people refer to that as knowing your calling, others as knowing your purpose, and still others name it living your truth. Whatever you want to call it, the concept remains… you are a light being with a particular frequency that is completely unique, and it is your essential animation, or life force energy, that makes it shine.

Further, you get to choose how you want to direct it in this lifetime. By mining that which you already are, you get to choose what you want to share with the world in alignment with your values. And it’s the path to personal fulfillment as a soul-driven entrepreneur when you channel that energy into your business.

Three Things You Can Do Today:

1.  Look for what shines for you. You may already know what makes your cells sing… from helping other people recognize their gifts to organizing to having interesting conversations to creating connections to conquering technology. Whatever your ‘gold’ is, if it already shines for you, it’s time to refine and share it with the world.

2.  Mine the deepest, darkest part of you. Often in the darkest corner, the most compressed shadow place is what you have put aside as your greatest weakness. It’s that very part of you that can be your greatest strength. For example, if you feel like your creativity is stuck or doesn’t express, it could be your invitation to help others learn to express their creativity. If you feel the pain of isolation or abandonment, it could be your invitation to help people connect more fully to themselves and each other. You can take your darkness into the light.

3.  Think about who will benefit from your gold. The people that will resonate with your gold are the people whose lives will be changed. There is no need to sacrifice your gold for the lowest bidder; rather, it is through you sharing in some reciprocal agreement (in the case of business, it’s usually money) that you express your sacred purpose and others benefit. It’s a win-win scenario.

Go within and find the riches for the sake of not only yourself, but the rest of us who will benefit by you sharing your gold.