Business Archetypes

An archetype is an energy that expresses in such a way as to become a pattern, or organizing principle, in how you see and relate to the world, make decisions and underlie your actions and behaviors.

Understanding the symbolic meaning of your business archetypes can help you to gain profound insights into your entrepreneurial experiences. And you likely have more than one archetype present for you; the key is in knowing which is predominant and how you can use that energy to create greater success for yourself.

We all want to know who we really are and what to do with that once we know – soul-driven entrepreneurs go even further with that by choosing to express their life’s purpose through business.

Traditional entrepreneuring is defined as problem-solving for what the market wants, packaging solutions to meet existing needs and doing it systematically to optimize the service delivery and, essentially, remove the entrepreneur out of the solution delivery. Soul-driven entrepreneurs, on the other hand, are very much engaged in the business of their business. In fact, the soul-driven business is a reflection of their unique purpose, perceptions and personal power.

If you are making life and business decisions without understanding your soul-driven entrepreneurial archetypes, you could be missing a major piece of your puzzle. And we humans are known for judging, or even tossing out, what we don’t understand in a rational way…which results in making living from your soul a more difficult proposition.

If we don’t see ourselves from the ‘bigger picture’ perspective, we don’t know how we fit in or how to respond appropriately to people or make decisions that are in alignment with our greater truth. And the more out of sync we are from our natural archetypes, the more frustrated we become and the more out of balance our energy becomes… we experience the effects of what I call “energy leaks”.

Archetypes have the advantage of helping you gain insights that you might otherwise miss. It’s almost like they are the connecting line between the dots of your life experiences. Things can start to make a lot more sense about why you do what you do, why certain situations seem to show up over and over, and what triggers you into going unconscious in taking action when you “know” better. You look for the deeper meaning to situations through the lens of looking at your archetypes, which can be really useful during stress, growth and challenge points.