7 Feng Shui Tips to Program Your Environment for Success

To support you in growing your business (and living your life bigger in general), here are seven tips to use in your environment to get new results.

1. Clear space, clear mind. The de-cluttering process can be emotional, but it is guaranteed to make you feel stronger when it’s done. One’s home or office is a reflection of one’s mind – it should be current and clear. You’ll give yourself the space to expand into on many levels (physical, emotional, mental, etc.).

2. Check your “center”. The center of your space is health – yours, and of everything else in your life. It holds the essence of clarity and distilled decisions. Take a look at the physical center of your space – if it feels “off”, messy, over-full, unbalanced, these are the red flags of your life center. Once you recognize them, you are responsible for changing them.

3. Be in the command position in every room. This means that you can see what is coming in the door, with a wall behind you for support and confidence, and not directly in the doorway (or the mouth of chi). The wider your view, the more certainty you will feel and the more options will be visible to you.

4. Create the conditions for nurturing relationships. Look at furniture placement to ensure that it supports conversations and be sure that you have a supremely comfortable place to sit. (One of my clients actually told me that she doesn’t have one piece of comfortable furniture for herself anywhere in her house – for years! And then she wondered why she could never relax at home….) When you – and your guests – are comfortable, communications and relationships flourish.

5. Use symbols consciously. Anything in your space holds the energy of the person who created it or gave it to you and sends messages to your subconscious regularly. If you don’t love it, or get a positive feeling from it, it is not serving you. Be very aware of the symbols and messages you allow your environment to reflect and reinforce to you – place only objects with positive association and meaning.

6. See your bigger life picture. Use your front door daily – it is the main entryway for the universe to bring you abundance, opportunities, prosperity and more. It is the transition from the outer world to your personal sanctuary. You will see the big picture of your home (and, therefore, life) – and it won’t be the garage, kitchen or laundry, which generally mean work. If you don’t like what you see, change it – it can be as simple as adding a plushy throw pillow or a fresh coat of paint.

7. Use color to maximize your energy. Infusing your environment with color has a tremendous impact on how you feel in the space. For example, earth tones are nurturing while bright colors give you “zing”. Red is transformational energy and passion, green is growth and healthy life force energy, yellow is health and trust, blue is wisdom and self-knowledge, and purple is abundance and royalty. A bouquet of flowers can shift the whole space.

Remember, the world is not served by you playing small – your real contribution comes from being all of who you are!