10 Feng Shui Energy Enhancers

Use these energy enhancers to create maximum energy flow in your space.

1. Clutter free room to breathe. The lack of clutter means a feeling of spaciousness, that energy can move freely in your space, which means that you feel lighter, more mobile, can think on your feet more quickly or relax more deeply.

2. Clear windows – lots of light. Our windows are our eyes to the world – cloudy, streaked or darkened vision means obscurity in thinking, lack of visibility with the world, and an inability to see clearly.

3. Plants. Plants are life force generators; while it is preferable to have live plants, it may not always be practical. If it is not an option for whatever reason, substitute high-quality silk plants for enhanced energy.

4. Order and organization. Having a sense of rhythm in your space, with everything having a place, and everything being in its place, means that you can find what you want when you need it, and reinforces natural laws of order.

5. Personal mementos of good times, friends and/or travels. Anchors to wonderful memories can transport you instantly back to cherished people, places or activities. These can be especially powerful on days when you are feeling stuck in a rut and need the sense of connection to something bigger than the current moment.

6. Comfortable stillness. Sometimes, it is the din underlying normal existence that contributes to a sense of discordancy, whether it be the refrigerator or other appliances running, a clock ticking or traffic noise. Having a sense of stillness helps you to focus on what really counts – you.

7. Music. Our sense of hearing is attuned to pick up energy vibrations – a change in sound, or music, creates very different energetic environments. The expressive range of music compels us to experience anything from calm and soothing to compelling and boisterous, etc. Shifting what your ears hear will shift how your day is going – try it!

8. Curling up place(s). Sometimes you need a little retreat from the world, and having your own special place to just be you is important. Ideally, this space is nurturing, comfortable, and enfolds you in an embrace that supports you in letting your hair down.

9. Working technology. Technology is an important way for us to leverage our ability to get things done, connect with other people, and build our knowledge base. When technology is not working smoothly, it wreaks havoc and causes a tremendous amount of stress… so get it fixed. Make sure your files are clearly organized and “clean” – if you don’t think you’ll ever need it again, hit delete!

10. Positive people. The people who surround us in our immediate environments can have a major effect on our personal energy. If you find yourself having a reaction to a particular person, check with yourself to learn more about your reaction. If you consistently feel good after you leave the company of someone, that’s great – and do more of it! If not, it’s time to take a look at the potential cause and be honest with yourself about what you are creating.