9 Steps of Manifestation

While everyone has their own ‘manifestation formula’, this is one that I have seen work time and time again.

1. Visualize desire – see in your mind’s eye the state of fulfillment that you want to experience.

2. Place order – put words to the feeling and the vision, then ask the Universe to make it happen.

3. Feel enthusiasm – your emotional energy will welcome your incoming gifts.

4. Express gratitude – acknowledge the Universe for what is already in your life, as well as what will be.

5. Let go – release attachment to the exact outcome (note: this gives the Universe “wiggle” room to deliver what is in your best and highest good).

6. Have trust – know (like you know you are a man or a woman) that your request is being granted and is on its way in right timing.

7. Stay in action – do your part by showing up on the physical plane with what you feel is right to do.

8. Watch for synchronicities – be aware of any coincidences that bring together new opportunities and potential for your desire to come to you.

9. Receive – open up to embrace what comes in as the embodiment of your original desire. There are no accidents, there is nothing that isn’t right. If you expected or wanted something different, simply take the opportunity to get really clear on your desire and begin again.