7 Statements to Redirect Your Mind to Receive Abundance Easily

By using the power of your linear mind to focus on what you want, you can manifest it more quickly and easily. Redirect your mind with the following statements in order to receive abundance more easily.
1. I am worthy of receiving the entire abundance the Universe offers as my birthright.

2. I am expecting miracles around my money every day.

3. (when looking in mirror) I am going to love you better today than I did yesterday.

4. _______ is actively seeking me as I am seeking it.

5. My divine compliment in ____________ is seeking me now as I am seeking it.

6. I eagerly receive all the good that is coming to me now. I recognize my good when it comes to me. I thank the Universe for everything I have received already. I live a rich and happy life.

7. I pay all my bills easily and effortlessly with plenty left over.