7 Beliefs that Hold Entrepreneurs Back from Financial Freedom

Entrepreneurs often come up against beliefs that most people experience but may not have the same incentive to address (because your business cannot take off financially until you are aware of and address these unconscious energy patterns).

1. Lack of self-worth – not feeling worthy of experiencing financial freedom.

2. Anger – suppressed and unexpressed rage and fury that acts as a repellant to abundance and keeps the lid on being able to receive.

3. Attachment to security, safety and stability – this will keep you in the comfort zone, which isn’t the leading edge of soul-driven business.

4. Entitlement – the expectation that you will receive financial freedom as a certainty based on any number of variables in your own mind.

5. Expectation that what works for someone else works for you – you are your own entrepreneur, with your own formula for success so you need to find what works for you, not for or because it works for someone else.

6. Approval or permission is necessary – both of these actually come from inside you, but if you are looking to the outside for either, it will hold you back because you likely either won’t get it or, when you do, you’ll discover it’s irrelevant.

7. Self-nurturing is separate from business – your business is a reflection of your health and vitality so the investment in self-nurturing is vital for financial success.