3 Healthy Mindsets for Entrepreneurs

By having the following mindsets, you are opening your energetic access to having a successful business.

1. Believe In Your Own Wealth. Wealth, abundance and prosperity is more than money – it is all that makes up a rich and robust life and business, like good health, relationships and ability to make good decisions. There can be challenges in ‘owning’ your own abundance, which is your birthright, because of buried childhood beliefs. Often these beliefs can become your default decision-making process (excluding present moment awareness), keeping you stuck in old patterns that can go back many years due to ancestral conditioning that you ‘inherited’.

2. Invite, Welcome and Embrace Change. We are genetically programmed to seek safety through the preserving the status quo (that used to mean not getting eaten by saber-toothed tigers). However, this old ‘program’ can limit us from growing beyond what we know (as what we know is deemed ‘safe’). We also judge ourselves by what others think is possible for us. However, it is only through change that we grow, and in order to do it, we are bucking thousands of years of biological programming. To welcome change, you are welcoming discomfort and our genetic coding to avoid pain is stronger than the pull toward pleasure. It’s a big deal to invite, welcome and embrace real change.

3. Invest In Your Growth and Your Business Growth Is Vital. You investing in your personal growth and the growth of your business creates positive energy flow toward the future. Tangibilizing your commitment to your business, it keeps you fresh and interested (interesting), and sets you up for long-term success by building a solid foundation. Make sure you know that you are getting a high level of return on your investment (ROI), what the opportunity cost is of deciding to NOT make a particular investment, and balance the need between your development and putting resources into your business.