3 Ways to Make Choices from Infinite Possibilities

In truth, there are infinite possibilities all occurring simultaneously for you right now. Here are three ways to make good choices from all that is available to you, even if you don’t know that they are there.

1. Look at where your growing edge is hiding.

Consider where you are too comfy, or anxious, stuck, bored, fearful, negative… any feeling that isn’t absolutely free and flowing is a place where your growing edge for new choices is revealing itself.

2. Look at the results you’ve gotten / are getting.

If don’t like the results of your life, which is shown through everything around you, it’s time to be accountable to yourself in a new way. New choices will require you to show up more clearly, in a more focused and powerful way. And how you show up by making new choices will generate new results – it is simple cause and effect. Change the cause (choice), and you change the effect (result).

3. Make a list of all your possibilities.

Consider new directions you could be pursuing in the following areas: career/vocation, self-knowledge, family, wealth, reputation, marriage/relationships, communications, creativity, community, health. These possibilities might come from ideas, inspiration, new associations, doing something you’ve been putting off, advice from other people, enjoying a wish list thing… it’s pretty much endless. If you can list at least 3 new directions in these areas off the top of your head, you’ve got some choices to make – or you have to answer to yourself why you’re not decided to make new choices after making that list!