3 Keys to Increasing Havingness

“Havingness” is what occurs when you actually have what you’ve been working for; when your “havingness” is low, you will unconsciously sabotage enjoying or even keeping what you’ve worked so hard to get. Here are three keys to expanding your “havingness”.

1. Ask for more than enough. Often people don’t think big enough in terms of their own abundance (including fees for their services!). Our limited thinking and expectations will keep us in the work hard mode, chugging up our personal hills. Ask for the most you think you can have – and then double it! The first time you do that, it can be mind-blowing… one of my clients asked for $4000 in income monthly, which when doubled, became $8000. This was inconceivable to her, until she reconciled her books the next month – she discovered she generated $9000 that month for the first time in her life!

2. Watch where you are giving. We cannot enjoy our own “Havingness Quotient” if we give away all the good stuff. Part of the reason that we are here is to ENJOY what we are creating. Now, that’s not to say you shouldn’t share – I’m all about that! However, if you are a chronic over-giver (and I know that one personally!), you need to consider where you are leaking what you have because it could be draining your “Havingness”, which keeps you in overwork and less joyful for your own benefit.

3. Look at your self-sabotage patterns. The good news about being human is that we can be our own observers. We can actually see where we are tripping ourselves up if we look close enough, because it’s a familiar pattern. I see clients who go into “drama” or focus on external “noise” because they don’t know how to handle abundance. Others will go 90% of the way and then quit on a nearly successful project, and I’ve seen others yet who stay in the preparation for the preparation of the preparation… you get the idea. They’re not moving forward. It could be that people don’t know how to be if they’re not striving anymore – they just don’t know what to expect if they have it all. Look at where you are potentially sabotaging your own “Havingness”.