9 Sales You Must Make In Copy

When writing copy, there are nine mini-sales that need to be made in your prospective client’s mind.

1. Attention: you have to get their attention. This happens with a strong headline.

2. Readership: you have to get them interested enough to actually read your marketing copy. This is done with sub-headlines, giving them the benefit up-front, showing them ‘the candy’.

3. Benefit: you have to give them the benefit(s) of your solution for them. This happens by going beyond the features to why it should matter to them and how it is relevant as a problem-solving product.

4. Credibility: you have to let them know why you know what you’re talking about by building trust, referencing testimonials and success stories, and being ‘real’.

5. Uniqueness: you have to show them that this is something they don’t already have and can’t get somewhere else.

6. Value: you have to demonstrate that your solution gives them a greater value than the cash they give you for it.

7. Safety: you have to let them know that their information is safe with you, that they can find you again after the purchase, that confidentiality is preserved. Use guarantees, privacy statements, and be sure your contact info is clearly visible.

8. Convenience: you have to make it easy for them to understand and easy for them to purchase. This happens through clear communication on what to expect and what to do next.

9. Now: you have to let them know why they should have a sense of urgency about purchasing your product. This happens by connecting with them emotionally and creating a strong call to action.