5 Points Your Offer Should Address

Your offer must address the core of what your potential customer is looking to resolve; ask yourself the following questions to make sure your offer is strong and credible.

• Is your offer believable? Does it go to the heart of their issue with a clear promise on what your solution can do and explain the ‘deliverables’ concisely?

• Does your offer address a need or a want for your potential customer? A need is something that will have to be fulfilled so think of how your offer relates to their ability to meet their core survival needs (for example, people need to eat but they don’t need to wear a lot of bling – that’s a want). Be clear if you are fulfilling a want or a need, because to sell to a want takes more energy (your potential customer will feel compelled to justify fulfilling a want if they have pressing needs to take care of first).

• How common is the type of solution you offer? If it’s fairly common in your industry, how do distinguish it so that it’s perceived as unique?

• Can you demonstrate a specific return on investment? Potential customers want to spend a dollar and get at least two back – does your solution offer that kind of clear value?

• How time-sensitive is your offer? Is this something they must get now or can it wait a few weeks (month, year…).

Your offer needs to convey information that builds trust in your solution, promises solid benefits, and clearly states what they will get in trading their money for your solution.