3 Ways to Get Testimonials

Testimonials are the most powerful ad you can have working for your soul-driven business. They become your silent sales person, so you want to make sure they offer concrete, compelling information to your prospective client. Most clients don’t think to give you a testimonial without you asking them, so remember to ask! You might even want to write one for them based on their experiences or a quick phone interview and then ask for their approval to post it. Here are three keys to having solid testimonials.

1. Ask Your Clients to Share Their Results

Prospective clients want to know what the results of your product or service will deliver to them. Ask your current clients to be as specific as possible in their actual results to get your prospective client’s attention and to increase the enthusiasm your prospective client has for your products or services.
Examples: “Lynn Scheurell’s Catalyst on Call Program is awesome!” vs. “Thanks to What I Learned in Less Than Three Weeks From Lynn Scheurell’s Catalyst on Call Program, I Doubled My Business and Am Projecting to Triple My Income This Year. Thank you!” (note: this is a real testimonial)

2. Get Permission to Use Client’s Full Information

Your testimonial will have more credibility by using your client’s name, headshot and other identifying information like city and state or even their business name and a hyperlink (which is also good to create a back link to their site); this makes them more real to potential client. (Note: see examples throughout my website at www.MyCreativeCatalyst.com.)

3. Use Audio or Video Testimonials

If your prospective client can actually hear or see your clients sharing their testimonial, it lets the prospective client feeeel the energy, benefits and results your client received. This adds tremendous credibility because your prospective client experiences the information nearly first-hand.