5 Things to Know About Procrastination

1. Procrastinating kills your personal effectiveness in what you are (and aren’t!) doing.

2. Procrastination is caused by fear, indecision, inaction, apathy, unresolved experiences. Get it handled and get on with revitalized energy.

3. Procrastination is triggered by inertia, being committed to staying in your comfort zone and things that make you shrink or stay small. Take one step to go beyond what you know and you will discover untapped energy you didn’t know was there for you.

4. Procrastination creates a mental state of feeling boxed in, with a no-win mindset (so why bother?).

5. Procrastination means you need to consider the real cause of your inaction and address it, which sometimes happens through feeling the fear (or other negative emotions) and doing it anyway.