11 Tell-Tale Signs That Show You’re Throwing Your Life Away

1. Playing phone tag – leave clear messages with distinct action steps.

2. Useless conversations that don’t result in something you need / want.

3. Handling projects / files / papers more than once unnecessarily.

4. Scheduling issues – poor planning, difficult logistics, unclear priorities.

5. Having too many meetings or having them go too long.

6. Interruptions based on other people’s priorities; stopping and starting projects.

7. Crisis management – not planning contingencies so dropping everything at once.

8. Doing too much that you could be delegating to someone else.

9. Having too many goals or over-committing yourself to others.

10. Perfectionism – delaying project actions or completions, over-preparation.

11. Buried in paperwork – losing things, saving too much stuff, stuffed / filled inbox.