5 Keys to Enhanced Awareness

I created this system in preparation for meeting a guru-type to summarize the perspectives that I have seen shift virtually every soul-driven entrepreneur I’d worked with for nearly a decade at that point. These keys can be used in any order (so you don’t need to start with ‘G’); use your intuition (or natural intelligence) to decide what key best suits the situation in which you currently find yourself for optimal awareness and potential opportunity to create a positive big shift.

1. Greater Truth

If you’re finding that you’re hitting speed bumps, things aren’t going quite right, or you’re getting blindsided with details, endings or opportunities, there is a Greater Truth at work. There is something bigger than you know that is trying to get your attention, and is inviting you to be your best self so you can take advantage of what it is trying to bring into your life.

2. Energy

If something doesn’t feel right in your body, heart or soul, it’s a sign that your best self is trying to express itself. The “off” energy is your messenger that something needs to be addressed in a different way that allows you to claim and act from your personal best.

3. Environment

If the world around you isn’t reflecting who you are now, you have relationships that don’t support you or your physical world feels constricting in any way, it’s a clue that your best self is being contained, confined or kept small. Just like the treatment for a sick fish is to treat the water, it’s time to get your environment handled so your best self has room to show up.

4. Natural Intelligence

The language of spirit is through pictures, intuition and synchronicities. Your inner wisdom, which is a direct connection with universal consciousness, is always available and is always supporting you being your most amazing self. By being your best self and paying attention to your natural intelligence, you are serving the universe as a physical expression of divine consciousness.

5. Integrity

By demonstrating consistency in what you say, do and mean, you are in alignment with your truth. If something is out of integrity, your best self can’t express because it has to work around the “tweaked” area as an obstacle to your flow. Your best self can breathe when you are in integrity in every way.