7 Ways to Accelerate Results

Entrepreneurs like to compress time and get faster results; here are seven ways you can create accelerated results.

1. Get really, really clear in what you want and ask for it on the energetic / physical levels.

2. Align with your energy to pursue what feels good. (Note: miracles cannot be measured by physical senses, so energy is the way to experience and track miracles.)

3. Shift your mindset to positive rhythms; release negative self-talk.

4. Create physical systems to support having and maintaining what you want.

5. Take tangible action in the direction of what you desire.

6. Use a “pull” strategy that is orchestrated for success. (Note: this could be anything from a mastermind group to hiring a mentor to an accountability partner or other.)

7. Use the ancient energy principle of the “reinforcement of the three secrets”. Think it, say it, do it.