10 Things Your Face Says About You

Following are the top ten things that your face says about you according to the ancient art and science of Chinese face reading (which is based on the same system as Feng Shui). Face reading considers your facial features, structure and characteristics to understand how you relate to your world, and uses the same systems as Chinese medicine, acupuncture and Feng Shui for interpretation.

1. By understanding your face, you become more aware of your own decision-making process and relationship to personal power. You will learn how to see whether you need time to process a decision analytically, or maybe you need to feel through something and have a delayed reaction, or maybe you wait for intuitive answers. You might need to have a practical application for what you decide immediately, or you might be someone who doesn’t need immediate gratification from your decisions. You’ll see how you manage your personal power – do you give it away and drain yourself unknowingly? Once you understand your innate decision-making process and relationship to your own personal power, you are at choice about whether to continue these patterns or create new ones.

2. You understand your own boundaries, needs and wants more clearly, which is a very attractive quality. When others feel your clarity, it lets them be who they are too – you are setting the stage for true relationship vs. attachments, obligations or expectations. You’re also opening to new energy that is likely to be filled with all kinds of opportunities, abundance and prosperity – after all, as open as you are to receiving is to the degree that you have the opportunity to receive. As attractive as you are is as attracted such things are to you (aka, the law of attraction).

3. In terms of business, face reading will help you know how you process decisions, how to negotiate more effectively (through understanding the other’s face), and how to set yourself up for success. For example, there is a characteristic at the top of your nose that tells you if you need to delegate – and, if that’s not satisfied, it will manifest as you bossing your friends and family around. However, if you simply hire an assistant, that satisfies that need and the people around you are likely to be a lot happier!

4. You can see the basis of your reactions. For example, if you are “wired” to have intense reactions, the best way for you to express it is through loud sounds – a slamming door or verbal outburst has nothing to do with the other person but more about how you need to process emotionally. Conversely, if your face shows that you have a high appreciation for aesthetic beauty, you know that you need to surround yourself with nice things – this isn’t a luxury for you.

5. You’ll see how the degree and quality of your life change experiences are affecting you. A person who is on vacation or a honeymoon or having their first child is very different from someone who is completely stressed out from their work. These changes are reflected on your face within a matter of months – the good news is that you can change whatever you see quickly! The fastest path to do so is through meditation and spiritual connection.

6. You can assess your physical health by just looking at your face. You can also see if you have a proclivity toward a particular disease over time or if vital organs are not being nourished in a healthy way. If you have bags under your eyes, an unhealthy complexion or unusual dimples, these could be signs that your chi (life force energy) is being compromised. By being aware of your potential health issues in advance, you can take action to prevent them before they become realized.

7. Your overall chi can show whether things are going well for you on all levels of your life. If the color of your face is bright or shiny, it generally indicates natural happiness and a good heart. Think of someone you know who has a warm glow about them – that is favorable chi. The more positive and attractive your inner chi, the more opportunities for abundance, connection and life prosperity you will attract.

8. Your relationship to money is on your face both in specific features and how they combine but also in the “three reservoirs of wealth”. It will show if you are a big spender or are frugal with your money, as well as your ability to attract in money and take risks that pay off with your money. The degree of financial planning you generally adopt in life is also clearly reflected in your face.

9. Your face reveals if you are truthful, stubborn, deceptive, or inflexible. Just by understanding key facial lines, you have insight into your patterns. You have created those over time, and if you don’t like what you see, remember you can change the emotional components to create a new face. Think of people who go on vacation and look completely different. The way we can change the appearance of our face is to shift our internal moods and open the relationship to our heart.

10. The degree of life optimism you have is reflected on your face. If you feel disappointed, have been betrayed or generally feel that life’s glass is half-empty, it will show up. On the other hand, if you are a generally happy person, believing that life is happening as it should and all is right with you and the world, your face shows that too! The more optimistic you are, generally speaking, the better your results in life and business.

There is so much more that your face says – it’s the treasure map of your life! Face reading studies the condition of human life, both as a snapshot of where you are, where you’ve been and where you’re going. By paying attention to the subtle indicators of your life within your face, not only do you have the clues to you, your inner nature and your future, but also, you can translate that information to the people around you. You can give them the “playbook” on you in advance, if you so choose, AND you can understand your relationship with them more clearly.

It’s all about compassion for yourself AND others. By living in harmony with your true inner nature, and having compassion for others who are doing the best they can with what they know and who they are, your world can be a better place.