The Feng Shui of Logos

According to Feng Shui, everything is Feng Shui. That is, everything we see, read, think, respond to, are stimulated by, take in and more relates to the symbols that we create or have in our lives.

In business, one of the most important symbols is the company logo. This is the most visible symbol of the company’s self-image; it is the public face that people see and identify with in the market place. For example, when you see a red bulls-eye, what company do you think of immediately?

The logo “tangibilizes” the company’s image for the public, and has a significant effect on how the public perceives the company. Often people see the logo first, as we think in symbols, before reading the name or anything else about the company. Everything in life is represented by symbols. It is vital that you choose or create the appropriate symbols for your business logo, as that will have a clear impact on your success or lack of it.

One company example of a negative logo is the Enron symbol – a square cube balanced precariously on one of its sharp edges, just ready to fall over. Which is what the company eventually did. Microsoft has a wavy square “flag” with four colored squares inside it – when the left edge is open, it suggests being open to receiving everything without discernment, including viruses. If Microsoft were to close the square, they would create a protected system, and would minimize potential input of threats to their products.

Consider placement of the company’s signage; the higher it is, the higher the heights that your business may attain. If your sign is too low, while it indicates being grounded, the business may never really take off. Something anchored securely (as opposed to blowing in the wind like with awnings, flags or balloons) is preferred to suggest permanence.
If your address includes lucky numbers, such as 1, 6, 7, 8 or 9, be sure to emphasize them. Be sure that your address clearly shows from the street at night in the dark.

Be sure to match the color of your logo to your business. A medical office would do well to use yellow or green for health and life force energy. A creative enterprise, like advertising, would benefit by lots of white in their logo representing creativity.

It is important that your logo is clear and easy to understand. A cluttered logo that is too clever causes confusion and loses the audience, which repels success.

Your logo is your first chance at making an impression and getting customer recognition. When getting your full logo designed there are a number of things to keep in mind that will help you be able to make the best impression so that people will recognize your company.

Simple is better; your logo should be recognizable in small sizes on a business card or at great distances on a billboard.

Consistency – Use of your logo is as important as designing it. Use it consistently throughout all communications from your company.

Looks good in black and white – There are many business uses such as faxes where your logo will be shown in black and white, so it should look good in black and white as well as color.

Colors – The more there are, the more expensive to print. A two or three color logo can be as effective as a full color one, and can save you thousands of dollars of printing costs down the road. If you’re wed to the idea of a fancy full color logo, also consider having a black and white variation done at the same time for faxes and other print materials.

Graphical Logo – This is a graphical design that stands for your company. It’s normally used in conjunction with the company name. Think Nike’s swash symbol.

Text Logo – This is a specifically planned text rendering of your company name or initials that is used as a logo. Think SONY.

Combination Logo – This is when a graphical symbol and text logo are used together. Think AT&T’s circle/globe and their name together.

When you think of big name logos that you see all the time, you can see that they’ve used the information in these tips and it’s worked for them – it can work for you too.