3 Ways to Set Your Soul On Fire

1. Get mesmerized with yourself.

Contemplate what’s going on at a deeper level. Go past the obvious (the orange flame), past the hotter heat (the violet flame), into the white-hot center of you. Notice what feeds you, what makes you feel alive, what pulls you forward. If you aren’t feeling the thrill of being you daily, there’s something missing. Go back to the embers to fan them into flames. That is, go back to what has made you happy in the past, maybe distant past, and incorporate more of that into your current reality.

2. Use discernment in choosing your external sources of energy.

That is, the best wood burns evenly, without spitting, and gives off good heat. If wood is too new or green or sappy, it won’t burn well. If your environment (people, home, office, thoughts, ideas, business, etc.) isn’t nourishing you to burn at your optimal rate, it’s up to you to figure out which ones are spittin’ and poppin’ (to continue the analogy) and repair or replace them.

3. Explore the expansion.

Just like fire grows with good conditions (oxygen, good wood, open space), so can you. When we have a fear or uncertainty about being in wide open space, with no boundaries to hold us back in where we can go and what we can achieve, we are genetically wired to experience insecurity. That used to save our primitive necks… but now, if we learn to embrace that exact same sensation and explore it for the possibilities, we may find new sources of energy to fuel our souls.