Your Energy Is Always Evolving You

“The universe is looking at itself through our eyes, and we give life to everything in the way we view it.” ~ Alan Watts

By definition, energy needs to flow in order to be in its natural dynamic state. I’m not a scientist, but I know that its’ movement is what generates some level of power, even at the smallest increment of its presence. The movement of energy is what makes things go. And it is the force within your own life that makes things happen, which cumulatively becomes your evolution.

As a creature of nature, you are consistently evolving to your next level of being. However, that can take shape in a number of different ways, based on how fast or slow your energy is moving and how willing you are to go where it takes you. If you resist, stop or block the energy flow of your life, you create stagnant pools of stuck energy that become bigger, heavier and/or denser over time. Eventually, those stuck energy places manifest as dysfunctional relationships, unhappy careers or an unhealthy physical body. And these are the clues to how you can support your own evolution… your stuck places are homing beacons to guide you to what needs your energetic attention.

The truly ironic part is that we can always see somebody else’s stuck parts more clearly than our own. There is a reason for this… if we knew the lesson contained in our stuck places designed to teach us what we need, they wouldn’t be stuck, right? We can’t see our own blindspots, because that’s the source of our lesson in working with our own energy! But we can see what the people around us aren’t addressing for two reasons: first, we’re not attached to the outcome and second, it’s not our lesson to learn (or, if it is, we have a jumpstart on it because we can see it!).

Three Things You Can Do Today:

1. Pay attention to the messages. Your energy is always “talking” to you… if you aren’t experiencing the results you want in your life, your evolution is continuing in some area. If your energy is stuck, there’s a message there. If you feel a sting, ping, charge or a desire to avoid a person, situation or opportunity, you are being invited to consider what you need to handle for your next level. AND, by the way, when you decide to go to your next level, anything that stands in the way of you achieving that level will come up for your consideration to be handled. Just making the commitment to move toward your own best evolution will bring up messages – that’s the energetic gift of your spirit.

2. Believe in your own evolution. Know that your spirit is actually trying to bring you magic when it brings those “hurt-y” places to your attention. Understand that you are dynamic and growing and your energy is supporting you in going to new places in your life. Know that there is a better future waiting for you, and it is your responsibility to live it as a physical expression of divine consciousness. After all, that’s your reason for being – to give form to divinity and feed your experience into the greater whole! Your evolution is a microcosm of the vital growth that fuels divine consciousness in every moment. It’s a big deal. ;+)

3. Get out of your own way. Now that you know your energy is working to help you evolve to your next best level, it’s time to get out of your own way to receive your best life experience. You are inherently worthy of the most amazing life, and it’s trying to come to you. By handling your stuck places proactively and consciously, and opening up to receive all the infinite grace that has your name on it, you are no longer standing in your shadow wondering why it’s dark! It is sometimes this action alone that can bring you what you want in your life.