How Your Listings Can Dominate the Entire 1st Page of Google

real estate video seoWe spend a lot of time doing regular on page and idx home search SEO to generate traffic for real estate partners. However, the fastest way is video distribution.

Most agents spend a lot of time doing a so-so video on iMac or in Windows Movie Maker and upload it to YouTube.

We create a lot of great looking videos fast, optimize them for the search engines and then distribute them to 75 different social media sites.

The result?

Within a few hours our videos are appearing in th 1 – 5 top spots on Google. Within a day, our videos are dominating the first few pages on all the search engines. The proof is above.

Every single one of those listings on this first page of google are ours.

The secret?

The video, photo, and text content distribution and link building software that we built…that among other things generates backlinks not only to your website but the VIDEO URL as well.

When we really want to clean up the front pages and stay there indefinitely, there are some other things we do but don’t talk about publically. (Competitive advantage you know.)

When we have access to the MLS data via our real estate broker partners we can even generate thousands of videos very, very quickly.

Would you like to have your listings or any videos for any kind of business dominate the front page of google?