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Would You Like Your Business Revenue to Increase by 20%?

Are you NOT internet savvy? Do you wonder what the heck “twitter” and “facebook” and “pay-per-click ads” and “search engine optimization” have to do with increasing your business? Don’t worry.

The basic things that you need to earn more money are really simple.

I’d like to help you.

Right now, I get paid $5,000 – $15,000 a month on retainer by celebrities. I charge executives $497 for an hour of my time. I’m writing several books. But, I constantly get requests from small businesses who are struggling and just need the most valuable help they can get at the lowest possible price.

SPECIAL! Real Estate Websites
Most of the work I do in this area is confidential but I can share these:
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Here are the three things most small businesses need to earn more money and exactly what you’ll need to invest to do them.

#1. A Professional Looking Website

Your design just needs to communicate very simply to your clients and have things like the phone number in the right places.

These are some really effective designs, but your’s can be even better.

[nggallery id=1]

(P.S. Do you like the Big Font and big images on this site? Yes? Well that is a key. Big text is easier to read so people will read more of it. IF they read more of it you’ll be able to communicate more to them about why your services are right for them.)

#2. The Right Kind of Simple Content

Most website content is horrible, boring, and does nothing to convince people to hire you. Your website only really needs to answer these 4 questions.

Question #1. What are you selling?

Question #2. Why is what you are selling better than your competition?

Question #3. How can I believe what you have to say?

Question #4. Will I like doing business with you?

Then your website needs to make it easy for visitors to buy from or contact you.

95% of businesses can earn more money by simply having a 4 page website that answers these very clearly.

Your’s can too.

#3. Get on the Top Page on Google, Yahoo, and Other Local Business Listing Websites.

google places seo

Take a look at this map. This is what comes up when someone looking for an electrician types in Philadelphia Electrician. In fact this happens about 500 times per month according to Google. Wouldn’t you like to be in the top spot here? We can help you do that easily.

What if you’re NOT a local business or serve many towns. Well, in that case, you need more websites and listings but this involves some insider secrets that we don’t want to share here.

If you’re on a tight budget, these are the best, least expensive things you can do.

Would you like to hire my team?

$997 + $9.97/month gets you a great website with the right kind of content.

$167 set-up and $47 per month generates website traffic through your local business listing.

$147 set-up and (whatever you want to spend per month) will put you at the top of Google’s sponsored link ad space.

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